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Innovative minds - Technical brilliance - Measurable results

Run by IIT, IIMs alumnus, we at Amibba create innovative solutions which involves rigorous research and understanding of critical needs of people. Right from its inception we focused on important sectors such as health, education, governance which helped us understand the complications of these sectors and we strive to transform them in and out over a long period of time. Be it an innovative consumer app or a next-gen enterprise system – we do it all, from product ideation and concept development to system rollout and scale-up.

  • We would like to add technology to your start up, share your dream and let’s make it real “Giving life to ideas“.
  • You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

Our Values

We Simplify Software Development Process leverage agile & full-service engineering capabilities to build compelling digital experiences for our customers. We value and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business & build relationships which last a lifetime.


We believe when empathy and technology collaborate, user-centric solutions are generated.


Diversity & Team Spirit

We embrace and promote equality, inclusivity and diversity


Accountability & Integrity

We act with complete transparency and honesty.


Quality & Passion

We deliver value through service quality, performance and innovation.

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    • I have worked for the past months with Amibba. The entire team is skillful, polite, a team with vision in their work and  true professionals! I definitely recommend  Amibba Systems  for their excellent work and great results.

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